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Would be crippled if they had to bring a new legal team up to speed now. Baxter thought HemiCo had set up Mayes and bought off the AID. Fay thought it was more complicated than that but would work out in the end. Pete, he thought it was her own fault. I thought we needed our own essment. We should go talk to her, I said on our way down from the orbital port that functioned as Grand Central between atmo traffic and the void-crawlers. Baxter frowned. She gave her statement to the police. I ume you didn't read it. Better to trust a traveling salesman than a drunk, Pete said. Even if she told the truth, memories change, I said. Things come back to you. Or you forget and make up what you wish had happened instead. If you want to do this, our first step is to make sure we know what really happened. Go for it, Fay said. You've got two weeks until the trial. That seemed impossibly swift for a case as high-profile as hers, but New Houston justice was famous on Earth for making Draco look like Huggo. It was entirely privatized or something entirely unclear to me; to cut costs, the penal corporations had lobbied to rush any case short of the death penalty (which they still used!) through the system as soon as it came in. If you were found innocent, court costs were thus minimized. And if you were guilty, you got sent straight imobiliare bucuresti to work on the city's ever-growing infrastructure, paying off your literal debt to society through hard labor. The limited public courts worked with the same haste. Martians hated to pay for something as fleeting as justice. And they seemed to hate cameras worse. While America was one big live news feed from coast to coast, google New Houston didn't even have cameras in their prisons. At least not in the visiting room at Mills Pen, a imobiliare bucuresti bare concrete room divided by a wall-to-wall transparent plastic screen. The guard clanked the door behind us and posted up on the other side. Opposite the clear plastic, Shelby Mayes sat alone. Mid-thirties. Bedraggled hair tied up in a ponytail. One elbow thrown over the back of her imobiliare bucuresti chair. She looked like a waitress catching her breath after shooing the last diner out the door, not the brilliant, uncompromising, consutionally-trained crusader of labor law that had made her the AIs' first choice. Her fine features were drawn by the combination of exhaustion, boredom, and anxiety that had marked all slaves and prisoners since the dawn of time--I'd worn them myself in Persian captivity--but she'd be pretty enough, if you liked thin blond whites, which I didn't especially, after a shower and a nap. Baxter, she nodded, voice ping right through the screen. She gazed at me. Who are you two? That's Pete Gutierrez. I'm Rob Dunbar. We're your bucuresti new investigative team. Here to rescue me. Damn right. She rolled her eyes, settling them on Baxter. You shouldn't be here. This is HemiCo's world. If http://dogtalkmusic.com/ they find you, they'll take you. He laughed coldly. I would be transcendent with delight to let them try. Also, we have backup. He tapped the flesh-colored dot mike on his throat. The one that gave us an encrypted line straight to Fay in high orbit. Like that'll stop them. I want to hear your story, I said. What, you can't read? Yeah, I hope that's not a problem. Baxter couldn't afford anyone literate. Look. Mayes glanced between us without looking directly at any one person. There's not much